QuickCliqs Philosophy


At QuickCliqs, we believe in helping people get together with their friends “offline.” In an all too connected social world, where people have hundreds of friends, many of us have become perhaps even more disconnected. With so many ways to connect to the different people in your life, and so many options to choose from when planning your next shared memory, a simple get-together can be anything but simple.

QuickCliqs strives to remove the stress from planning group get-togethers by creating solutions that make coordinating with friends simple, interactive, and, most of all, fun! Here at QuickCliqs, we want to help people spend less time planning online and more time enjoying a great time with friends offline.

What is QuickCliqs?

QuickCliqs is a free mobile application that makes it simple for people to coordinate group get-togethers.  Simply put, you can quickly get a clique of your friends together to plan things like going to the movies, group dinners, basketball games, fundraisers, and anything else you can think of.